How to Revamp Your Website Design

Website Design

Your website is the storefront of your brand. Web development in Singapore might seem expensive, but it is essential to enhance business credibility, trust, and authenticity. Even though you invested your time, energy, and money, you don’t seem to get website benefits. Are you struggling with decreased sales, increased bounce rate, and de-ranking? There are clear indications of potential website flaws. We tend to either over-optimize or under-optimize our website. Unclear goals and poor web design and development can lead to bad website performance. Don’t worry. You can simply revamp your website and get back in the digital competition.

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Why Is Website Revamping Your Digital Solution?

A website revamp/redesign is the process of improving website quality and performance. It includes multiple aspects that together create an enticing user experience and engagement. It will strengthen your business identity and value through rebranding. You can redefine your goals and get a clear direction for improvement and progress. 

Action Plan for Website Redesigning

Your journey toward digital success will start with the following action plan. Your primary focus must be usability, conversions, SEO, and content.  These are some of the fail-proof web revamping practices you need to know.

  1. Evaluate Your Current Website Performance

Before you begin to revamp, you must know where you lack. Through your website analytics, study website performance. Compare variables with standard/preferred performance statistics. You will identify your areas of improvement. Hire a professional web designer in Singapore and inquire for a critical analysis of your web design. Once you have identified key indicators, you can plan out your revamping strategy.

  1. Define Goals and Develop User-Centric Approach

Why do you want to revamp your website? Do you want to rebrand, improve sales, or better reach? Or all of them?  Revamping is a chance where you can rectify your previous web development hitches. The website must be developed with a user-centric approach. Set clear business goals and align them with user interests. It will magnify your chances of digital success. By being user-centric, you must provide services/products/information that is relatable and provides a solution for your target audience.

  1. Update and Upgrade Your Content

Content is the King of SEO. A digital business is communicated to the target audience through meaningful content. A professional SEO content writer will craft enticing marketing copy, headings, articles, descriptions, and blogs for your website. The content objective is to market and present your business in a hooking manner. Your landing page must have essential information about your product/services. Remove any redemption. Your content should deliver and convince how your product/service can solve consumer problems. Include metatags, alt text, target keywords, and more.

Website Design Seo Agency Services Singapore
  1. Enhance Website Graphics

Did you know that people will first see the image and then read the text? You can be creative with visual content and maximize user engagement and conversions. A professional web designer in Singapore will infuse essential web designing elements and develop stunning visuals. One of the latest trends is incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) onto the website interface. Use decent fonts and decide on color contrast.   With the right digital marketing team, your website can be innovative and a trendsetter.

  1. Improve Technicality and Web Structure

Did your previous web developer create a messy website code? Competitive web development in Singapore requires clean coding. It will improve your ranking on Google searches. Optimize your website speed as a user will not wait more than 2 seconds to bounce off your website. Provide easy navigation; otherwise, the user can miss vital information. Define your categories and sub-categories. Your home page must not be stuffed with content. Make it short and straightforward.

  1. Clear CTA

CTA is Call to Action. Content or visuals instructs or compel a user to take the desired action. Your CTA must be clear and precise. The user will be able to locate valuable information. Usually, strong action words are used to generate urgency, like before it’s too late. Include why your brand is your only solution and provide a compelling benefit of your product/service. You can take a content writer’s help to develop a strong CTA.

Website Design Seo Agency Services Singapore
  1. A/B Testing and Launch

Once you have designed your new web strategy, you must test it before launching. Test the functionality and accessibility of your redesigned website. It will eliminate the chances of failures and prove with time to re-optimize if needed. Once you are set, launch and witness a transformative digital experience.

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