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The image of your company is important, very important; you are not taught anything. What if we told you that having a totally dedicated and personalized one is a holy grail but that it is quite an art?

Using a quality image in line with its values ​​allows you to promote yourself, your products, and your services effectively on different media or even social networks.

The visual content of a company is now a major lever for displaying its specificities, its strengths, and its values. Focusing on your new brand image allows you to break with the aging or impersonal image that you may have. This also allows us to be part of a new strategy to conquer new, ever more demanding customers.

It is, therefore, essential to focus on quality visual content because it is what defines you directly to your target. It responds to the constraints and specificities of each field of activity but also to the communication strategy of the company. And it must be admitted the image itself is increasingly present. However, there is still a long way to go to convince companies 100% of the vital importance of visual content. Let’s understand this in this article!

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The photo, for more engaging content

Ideal playground, social networks are constantly changing their interfaces to give an increasingly important place to the image.

The photos circulate very quickly and en masse, attracting the eye of millions of Internet users. To give you a figure, more than 350 million photos are added every day on Facebook, one of the reference platforms for picture marketing.

Photographic content is so important that a social network is entirely dedicated to it: Instagram.

And companies are not mistaken! Their presence on the platform is growing all the more as Insta is the king of engagement on social networks!

The last few years have shown that photos and videos generate a much higher engagement rate than text alone. The photo has the particularity of giving a more “human” aspect to your communication. Remember that: live content is content that sells!

What are you waiting for? Contact experts to get your personalized Photography as much as possible to be representative and faithful to your values ​​and what you want to show.

Video: a must for conveying emotions

Video is a secret weapon whose powers should not be underestimated! Acquiring good visibility also goes through video production and friends.

The challenge is to get closer to consumers and play the card of proximity with its customers through video. It allows you to emphasize your products, your services, and your expertise and give more information to know you better, but also to bring you closer to your customers!

Yes, video is a valuable tool through which a company can gain good visibility. So, don’t think so much; look for professional Videography services!

Several points are important to make a quality video:

The format: It must be adapted according to where it is posted: a vertical, short, and authentic format for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn stories, for example (we will come back to this just after). Conversely, for a video on the news feed, it is necessary to favor a square format with good sound quality, a clear image, and adequate light. All these details really make the difference and faithfully transcribe your business in a positive way.

The content: Work it to the maximum, and you will be the winner! Remember that quality takes precedence over quantity. Highlight your service/product in a natural and authentic way, and this assures you that it will make a difference.

The stories

More and more, you can consider stories as a format in their own right that increases your visibility tenfold. To begin with, they appear at the top of the page on your applications/browsers, which is already an indisputable advantage! Also, you can rely on a Creative Media Company Agency to create effective stories for your social media.

They also allow you to engage your audience as much as possible: you can react to several proposals, ask questions, and interact.

To give you an idea: 1 story out of 5 posted by a company receives a response in a private message. And since the application’s algorithm remains quite “simple,” more engagement = more probability of visibility for your account.

The advantages are numerous, such as:

  • The creation of a relationship with your audience
  • Proximity with your subscribers
  • Fewer barriers between the brand and the consumer
  • Instantaneity, for more direct communication

Right in the era of unique, original, and personalized content, stories are an extension to your “classic” content, an additional showcase visible for 24 hours.

Bonus: Infographics, a timeless format

An infographic is a visual creation that aims to convey an idea or information, often quantified, in a more original and visual way. Moreover, it is a powerful lever to underline your expertise, for example, and develop your notoriety!

First, clear and concise information is a great way to capture the human mind. Especially since facts, figures, analyses, polls, or statistics are data that demonstrate a strong power of persuasion. They thus make it possible to consolidate certain choices or opinions. In this way, based on these data and on the visual memory of Man, computer graphics allow, through your eyes, to capture and assimilate a lot of information in a very short time.

People are immediately attracted by the figures, and the message is very visible! Infographics must be part of your visual communication and must correspond to your codes (colors, logo, typography, etc.) in order to be recognized by your readers.

An infographic is 40 times more likely to be shared than a regular post. You understand why it can be so important and why it has its place in your content strategy.

Additionally, it is proven that the majority of individuals reached by an infographic will do further research on your business and the information you have shared. These Internet users will then generate leads to your website and therefore bring you up in the search engines. Another good point for the dear infographic!

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The creation of high-value-added content – ​​photos, videos, or even infographics – is very important to take into account in your strategy.

As important on your communication media, your website, or on social networks, use them in an authentic and natural way. In the end, be yourself and show the world how brilliant you are! Don’t know how to start? Contact a professional Creative Media Company Agency for amazing photos and videos for your social media presence.